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뉴로메카 스마트 액츄에이터 코어(CORE)

Integrated module for your own cobot

Smart Actuator | CORE

Neuromeka’s smart actuators ‘CORE’ are joint driving modules with frameless motor, harmonic drive, magnetic brake, multi-turn absolute encoder, EtherCAT slave board, and motor driver integrated through a common hollow axis structure. Hollow axis design enables aesthetic robot design for motor power lines and EtherCAT control lines go through the hole.


‘CORE’ series (adopted to Indy lineup) consists of four models in terms of rated power, e.g. ‘CORE100/200/500 and 1000’ (100W, 200W, 500W, and 1300W, respectively). Every ‘CORE’ module supports torque command update up to 8kHz, and users can implement customized servo algorithm at the user application level. As ‘CORE’ modules are provided without outer frame by default, it helps to design users’ custom robot.


All in one  all components integrated, i.e. Harmonic drive, motor, brake, encoder, drivers, and EtherCAT controller 
Design sensitive  hollow axis design for maximizing joint travel range and aesthetic link design  
Compatible  CoE protocol for standard EtherCAT master controllers 


뉴로메카 스마트액추에이터 CORE200
뉴로메카 스마트액추에이터 CORE100.png
뉴로메카 스마트액추에이터 CORE500
뉴로메카 스마트액추에이터 CORE1000