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Everyone’s teach pendant for cobot programming

Teach Pendant | CONTY

'CONTY' is the teach pendant app (running on Android OS) developed independently to program every cobot of Neuromeka. As such it runs on every standard android tablet. Communicating with the robot controller 'STEP' in wired or wireless manner, it supports online and offline programming of Indy lineup as well as direct teaching. Thanks to abundant features designed intuitively anyone can program Neuromeka’s cobot.

*Available with exclusive tablet for 'CONTY'


Friendly  like typical Android app
Light  using Androd Tablet, light, portable and cordless
Economic  unnecessary purchasing of teach pendant, just install Conty app on Android Tablet

Control engine for cobots

Robotics SW | IndyFramework

IndyFramework 2.0 is the Neuromeka’s proprietary software framework developed for efficient development of effective cobot applications. Operating on robot controller STEP environment, it is capable of controlling a robot at maximum 8kHz (in case of STEP3 controller). Thanks to general-purpose robust control algorithm library for articulated robots coping with kinematic singularity and model uncertainties as well as innovative collision detection algorithm a variety of robotic tasks can be implemented safely and stably. Furthermore, its SW architecture is designed to accommodate extension for more features because a number of system functions necessary for automation system deployment and remote connected maintenance are included.