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뉴로메카 델타로봇 D3
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Pride of Korean delta robots for high-speed automation

Delta Robot | D

굿디자인(GD) 로고_WH.png

Neuromeka’s ‘D’ is the world-class high-speed high-precision four-axes delta robot based on custom vibration suppression design. In terms of payload capacity and workspace radius two standard models are under production: D3 (payload of 3kg) and D6 (payload of 6kg). Neuromeka’s delta robots provides total automation solutions with custom grippers, conveyor belts, and vision sensors integrated with PLCs in order to satisfy clients’ requirement for line automation.


Fast  for productivity
Precise  for a variety of tasks with precision 
Integrated  for total automation solution

뉴로메카 델타로봇
뉴로메카 델타로봇


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