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Your first industrial robot for small and medium manufacturers 

Collaborative Robot | Indy

Deep learning based, high-performance vision solution IndyEye offers affordable solutions through low-cost vision sensor and deep learning server sharing.
Unlike former vision sensors that require demanding working conditions, IndyEye can be applied flexibly to any working environment without large space or bright lights, and deep learning server sharing can store working objects data to respond to customer requests. In small and medium-sized manufacturer that require variants of manufacturing lines frequently, IndyEye enables a variety of tasks and quick application.


High-performance  Vision solution with deep learning
Reasonable  Reasonable price via low-cost vision sensor and shared deep learning server 
Flexible  Various applications without installation obstacle


Neuromeka  | CEO : Jonghoon Park   |  Company Registration Number : 132-86-13766

Contact: +82-2-1661-0773
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