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Robot as a Service

Robot Platform Business | IndyGo

'IndyGO', which is the compound word of ‘Indy’ (Neuromeka’s cobot) and ‘go’ (meaning ‘go to clients sites'), stands for the total solution service providing deployment, operation as well as maintenance of cobots for clients. 'IndyGO' provides service covering the whole process of cobot deployment of analysis-design-installation-operation-maintenance necessary. To this end a service platform adopting ‘Lean Robotics’ methodology is utilized to facilitate automatic diagnosis and analysis of target manual cells. It also provides smart factory feature using industrial IoT and smart connected maintenance.

Customized and integrated 'IndyGO' services through thorough analysis of production process provide a most efficient robot layout and operation plan in production line. This enables cost reduction as well as productivity maximization, and can be applied actively to dynamically changing manufacturing processes. 'IndyGO' is specializing in small and medium sized manufacturing companies is provided with leasing and monthly subscription model to minimize the initial investment cost, thereby lowering the barrier to constructing robot automation production line. All costs, time, and effort for robot purchasing, system integration, maintenance, and related personnel training can be solved through 'IndyGO' service, and cobot-centered automation can be operated at a reasonable cost, which in turn guarantees quick and high return on investment.






‘IndyPD’ is an on-site cobot specialist for the introduction, maintenance and training of cooperative robot cells. ‘IndyPD’, which will be dispatched to the field (initially from Neuromeka), provides the most efficient robot layout and operation plan for the production process, and communicates directly with workers to provide an immediate solution to a production process that needs to be changed. In addition, ‘IndyPD’ also serves as a mentor to train some of the client's employees as ‘IndyPD’. He/she educates field staff on how to use cobots, and to solve problems in the field, and helps anyone new to cobots become a competent and skilled cobot specialist. In the future, customers can drive their own automation using in-house ‘IndyPD’s at a lower cost and can also make ‘IndyGO’ business by themselves to neighbor partners.

IndyPD dispatch schedule

twice a week

once a week

once per two weeks

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