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The beginning of remote management of robots for smart factory

Remote Management Service | IndyCARE

'IndyCARE' is a web service created for remote management of cobots. If you have an Internet connection, you can access the cobot's real-time status, operating data, and event logs anytime, anywhere. The operating data has three additional input channels that can be customized to fulfill the user's needs, in addition to Cobot's work counts and the temperature of each joint. We also provide video streaming services of the worksite through the accompanying web camera with cobot.
'IndyCARE' stores event log files and streaming videos for all collision detection and emergency stop situations during work to help determine the causes of robot administrators and enable engineers to provide remote CS support.


Remote  Management beyond time and space limitation
Effective  Reconsideration of the time and cost efficiency required for cobot management
Preventable  Real-time monitoring to prevent malfunction of cobots

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